Best Wedding Gifts for Muslims


The beauty of life lies in its diversity. Every religion has its own traditions and beliefs. Gifting may sound as simple as walking into a shop and buying anything but it’s not that simple actually. Gifting is a core culture that exists in the Islamic religion.

Gifting a Muslim wedding couple is a well-accepted deed. However, it is important that marriage gifts should be appropriate and suitable for Muslim couples. It is one of the best moments in the life of Muslims that’s why it’s challenging to find that perfect wedding gift. There is a wide variety of gifting options available to choose from.

Some tips for your perfect Muslim Wedding Gifts hunt

Islamic gifts can be your best choice

Islamic gifts can be your easiest option in finding a Muslim wedding gift. This way can help in narrowing down your search while at the same time opening up a variety of options for Islamic gifts like Islamic calligraphy canvas, prayer beads, mosque replicas, Quran boxes, Janamaz(prayer mat), and Islamic personalized gifts, etc.

Keep it simple

Looking for something meaningful, and considering the value, it will add to the life of a newlywed Muslim couple. However, some gifts are way more acceptable and valued at a Muslim Wedding.

Personalized wedding gifts make things special

Personalized wedding gifts are perfect to make special occasions memorable and they have opened doors to a wide variety of options to gift. When you gift a person something that is personalized it touches their heart, it becomes more than a piece of art. There are many personalized gifts to choose from.

A set of Tasbeeh

Muslim prayers include chants called Dhikr that are repeated a set number of times. Traditionally Muslims used Tasbeeh or prayer beads to keep track of the number of times they’ve chanted a particular verse. Nowadays, Muslims mostly use digital counters but some still prefer the use of Tasbeeh. A Tasbeeh set and none so ordinary as made out of pearl are surely very valuable.

Islamic calligraphy

The best gifts to give at a Muslim wedding are meaningful gifts. A gift that can show a spiritual background relating to the marriage. The art of calligraphy has grown famous in the Islamic world. Most religious places and mosques have beautiful paintings and pictures of vast calligraphy.

The Muslim homes also have the art of calligraphy. Muslim homes often have canvas full of calligraphy as part of their interior decor. Islamic calligraphy makes an excellent wedding gift for a Muslim couple.

Books- A Valuable Gift

Books make a great and valuable gift for a variety of occasions. Books also make wonderful wedding gifts for couples . They make up a  perfect gift choice with a perk of an Islamic reminder. Here are the few wedding gift ideas we have to offer for bookworms.

A Gift For Muslim Bride

This book is an ideal gift for Muslim brides as it deals with the topics like the excellence of a righteous wife, and her attributes, and duties to her husband. It’s a must-have book in every Muslim house.

Prophet Muhammed – The Best of All Husbands

It’s an easy introductory read packed with concerned matters of newly married life according to the Quran and Sunnah.


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