Gifts are fun and they make kids happy. Parents prefer screen-free toys that are good for their learning. No matter your kids’ ages, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift at Zayoshe. Islamic gifts for kids inspire them to be good Muslims. Beautifully designed toys for kids to follow and learn the teachings of Islam.

Although you are Muslims and your kids are born Muslims hence, you should teach them Islamic teachings to endeavor them to embrace their religion by heart and understand the significance of Islam through different sources. Islamic toys are a source of learning and at the same time amusement for kids.

Dua star pillow is one of the best-selling Islamic toys. It is a beautiful Islamic gift for your child. The pillow glows and is packed with night-time dua and supplications. Your child will love listening to these, and will surely benefit from listening to the prayers by learning their nighttime duas’ with Tajweed. They also have a soothing lullaby to make bedtime easier for parents.

Personalized gifts make others feel special. What can be a better gift for children than a personalized gift to make them feel special with their names on it?

Zayoshe is happy to be able to help you in selecting the best Islamic gift for your kid. Find gifts, toys, books, and more at Zayoshe.