Hajj or Umrah is a journey of physical and spiritual tests for Muslims. Every true Muslim wish to perform hajj in their lives as it’s a life-changing spiritual journey. For the best experience, ensuring you’re prepared for the journey is important. Pilgrims can fully focus their energy on the spiritual side of the experience and are much easier if they are organized and prepared. Zayoshe offers you essential products, Ihram kits & Accessories to pack for your holy journey

A man wears an Ihram dress for performing Hajj and Umrah. The Umrah & travel kit is designed to meet the requirements of both men and women. A checklist for Hajj can save you from these problems, especially if it is for the journey of a lifetime.

Shop Online Umrah and Hajj accessories at Zayoshe.We offer a wide range of Ihram kits & Accessories including unscented fragrances, Bags, Prayer mats, towels, Anti-theft belts, and skincare products. We hope your Hajj experience is as blessed and good as you’ve always imagined it to be.