The first verse of the Quran is ‘Iqra’ and its meaning is ‘Read’. Quran gave so much importance to reading as it was mentioned in the first revelation. Islamic books are a true source of guidance for followers in all times and circumstances.

The world of books is knowledgeable and it takes readers to different emotional experiences. There are many types of books in the world, from the rich custom of the past to the multifarious genres of trending books today. Some serve for joy, others for knowledge. Books leave a long-lasting impression on our minds and can shape us for better deeds.

Useful books are written for Allah’s sake and are non-profitable. Islamic books benefit the reader in many ways. Indeed, they are a treasure and their reading is a great investment for humans. Precisely, the best Islamic book shows clarify and demonstrate “the Truth” related to the Quran and Sunnah. Holy books are easy-to-read books about Islamic history, religion, and sociology, introducing different aspects of the faith and its many followers. Moreover, they play the role of delight and knowledge both at the same time.

Reading books is very important for followers as it is a way of closeness to Islam. Furthermore, the benefits of supplications and remembrance of Allah guide Muslims to summon Allah in trouble and peace. Darussalam is one of the best and top publishers of Islamic books in the world. Likewise, the authenticity of their publications is widely recognized in the Muslim world.

Zayoshe offers a great collection of authentic Islamic books to read and Qurans.