Quran Azan Speaker – Silver

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AlQuran AlKareem and Prayers Speaker with 19 voices of the famous Quran readers.
High-quality recording.
Choose a recitation style – or recitation with translation.
Quran Readers:
Abu Bakr al-Shatri and AbdulRahman al-Sudais.
Saad Al-Ghamdi and AbdulRahman Al-Hudhaifi.
Meshary Rashid AlAaffasi and Ahmed Bin Ali AlAjmi.
Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hosary and Mohammed Ayoub.
AbdulBasset AbdulSamad and Ibrahim Al-Akhdar.
Mohamed Seddik Al-Menshawi and Maher Al-Eikali.
Ahmed Naina and Hani Al-Rifai.
Mohammed Tablawi and Saud Al-Shuraim.
Mohammed Ibrahim and Mohammed Siddiq Al – Menshawi Quran teacher for children.
FM radio.
Doaa Hajj and Umrah.
Al-Rokya Al-Sharaiah.
Al-Rokya Al-Sharaiah by alshaikh meshari alafassi.
Duaa by Abdul Rahman Al Sudais.
The Morning Thiker.
A selection of the most beautiful Islamic songs of Maher Zain.
Sahih al-Bukhari.
Sahih al-Muslim.
Repeat verses for 3 times by repeating button.
Quick Keys (Surat Yassin – Aya Al Kursi).
Interpretation of the Holy Quran fully.
The Quran is translated into 15 languages.
Recitation word by word.
One ayah at a time translation.
Setting the prayers timings.
Doaa alHajj and alUmrah.
450mAH rechargeable lithium battery.
Charging the speaker for 50 minutes – works up to 12 hours.
The speaker can be turned on 24 hours after it is connected to the USB cable.
3-watt speaker with a clear and pure voice.
Remote control.
The possibility of selecting the sura or the word by the search button.
Internal memory loaded with the entire Quran.