Light Blue & Pearl Flippable Sequins My Dua Pillow Toy

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Introducing Our Exquisite Light Blue & Pearl Flippable Sequins My Dua Pillow Toy in Saudi Arabia – An Enchanting Bedtime Companion for Your Little Ones! Embark on a magical bedtime journey with our newly enhanced My Dua Pillow, now adorned with captivating flippable sequins in a delightful combination of light blue and pearl! Beyond a mere pillow, this enchanting toy is designed to create a serene and interactive bedtime experience for your cherished children.

Key Features:

  • Flippable Sequins Delight: The pillow’s surface features mesmerizing flippable sequins, allowing your child to engage in a sensory-rich experience as they create playful patterns and designs.
  • Customized Child-Friendly Recordings: Immerse your little ones in the warm embrace of bedtime with our exclusive child-friendly recordings. Each button unveils over six minutes of carefully curated content, including enchanting dua’s and a soothing lullaby.
  • Embroidered Elegance: Five beautifully embroidered buttons invite your child to explore the world of bedtime rituals. Each button represents a unique aspect, promoting learning and engagement.
  • Diverse Sound Collection: Revel in the diversity of our sound collection. From the recitation of Ayatul Kursi to the melodious lullaby nasheed without instruments, every button offers a delightful auditory experience.
  • Child-Safe LED Lights: The My Dua Pillow features stay-cool LED lights that emit a gentle glow, creating a tranquil atmosphere for bedtime. These lights automatically switch off after 15 minutes, ensuring a peaceful sleep environment.
  • Tajweed-Enhanced Recitation: The delightful child voice-over with Tajweed adds an educational element, making bedtime not only enjoyable but also a learning opportunity.
  • Volume Control for Comfort: Adjust the volume to perfection with the convenient volume control, allowing you to tailor the experience to your child’s comfort level.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Committed to eco-friendliness, My Dua Pillow includes 3x AA (LR 6) Batteries and meets stringent environmental standards. Tested to comply with child safety requirements EN71 (parts 1,2,3) and EN62115.
  • Age-Appropriate Design: Suitable for ages 3-99 years, the My Dua Pillow transcends generational boundaries, offering a delightful and meaningful experience for users of all ages.

Enhance your child’s bedtime with the Light Blue & Pearl Flippable Sequins My Dua Pillow Toy from Zayoshe – a perfect combination of style, learning, and tranquility. Infuse enchantment into every night, blending tradition and modernity for a memorable and serene bedtime routine.

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Dimensions 35 × 35 cm