Acrylic Ramadan Box

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Introducing our Acrylic Ramadan Box, a meticulously crafted Islamic Gift Set designed to elevate the spirit of Ramadan and enrich your festive celebrations. Carefully curated with precision and attention to detail, this set blends elegance with meaningful elements to bring joy and blessings to your loved ones during this sacred month.

Inside this beautifully presented box, you’ll find:

  • Prayer Mat: Offering comfort and reverence for daily prayers, ensuring a peaceful connection with the Divine.
  • Acrylic Gold Bookmark: Elegant and durable, perfect for marking pages in the Quran or other spiritual texts, adding a touch of sophistication to reading sessions.
  • Dhikrmatic Tasbeeh: A versatile tool for engaging in the remembrance of Allah, fostering mindfulness and spiritual connection throughout the day.
  • Prayer Beads: Traditional and timeless, ideal for counting prayers and enhancing devotion during Ramadan and beyond.
  • Sheila: A graceful headscarf, symbolizing modesty and reverence, enhancing the spiritual ambiance of prayer and reflection.
  • Quran with Customization: A personalized Quran, tailored to your preferences, providing spiritual guidance and inspiration throughout the holy month and beyond.

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