Personalized Royal Islamic Gift Box For Her – White

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Introducing our majestic white color Personalized Royal Islamic Gift Box For Her – a lavish tribute to the exceptional woman in your life. Immerse her in the timeless beauty of Islamic tradition with this meticulously crafted ensemble, adorned with personalized touches that resonate with her regal spirit and unwavering devotion.

Inside this opulent box, she will discover:

  • Tasbeeh Box: Delight her with a beautifully crafted tasbeeh box, designed to enhance her spiritual practices and serve as a symbol of her faith.
  • Personalized Quran: Dive into the divine verses of the Quran with a personalized edition, offering her solace and guidance tailored to her unique journey.
  • Hamidi White Oud: Elevate her prayer experience with the luxurious aroma of white oud, enveloping her in a sense of tranquility and devotion.
  • Prayer Mat with Pouch: Provide her with comfort and elegance during prayers with a meticulously designed prayer mat, accompanied by a convenient pouch for storage.
  • Bookmark: Keep her aligned with her spiritual goals effortlessly with a stylish bookmark, serving as a reminder of her unwavering commitment to her faith.
  • Iqibla Zikr: Deepen her connection with the divine with a delicately crafted Iqibla Zikr, fostering mindfulness and reflection in her daily prayers.
  • Ring Tasbeeh: Offer her a unique and elegant way to engage in the remembrance of Allah with a beautifully designed ring tasbeeh, symbolizing her devotion and gratitude.
  • Sheila: Complete her ensemble with a graceful sheila, adding a touch of modesty and elegance to her attire, reflecting her inner strength and beauty.

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