White Bridal Wedding Gift Set

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Experience the elegance and spiritual richness of our White Bridal Wedding Gift Set, specially curated for the discerning brides in Saudi Arabia. Immerse yourself in the essence of timeless traditions with our “Alf Mabruk” Bridal Gift Box, a celebration of love, faith, and auspicious beginnings.

Alf Mabruk Embossed Elegance: The interior of the box is adorned with an exquisite Alf Mabruk and dua message, delicately embossed in Rose Gold Foil, adding a touch of sophistication to this cherished gift.

Unveiling Divine Blessings: Delve into the divine with a thoughtfully curated assortment of Islamic treasures nestled within the box:

  • Praying Mat: A sacred space for spiritual connection
  • Mas’haf / Qur’an: A Velvet Quran for moments of reflection and guidance.
  • Pearl Tasbeeh in a Case: A symbol of devotion and tranquility.
  • Miswak with Holder: Embrace the Sunnah with this natural tooth-cleaning item.
  • Black Seed Soap: A soothing and fragrant Sunnah item for purity.
  • KOHL/ITHMID in Brass Bottle: An elegant touch of tradition in a timeless brass bottle.
  • Scarf (Hijab, Mtandio, Sheila): An ethereal addition for modesty and grace.
  • Ayatul Kursi Necklace: A wearable reminder of divine protection.
  • 2 Pcs Praying Cloth: Ensuring a sacred and clean prayer space.
  •  A Pouch: A final touch for carrying these treasures with grace.

Perfectly Packaged: Each item is thoughtfully placed, creating a harmonious ensemble that reflects the sanctity and beauty of the occasion.

This bridal gift set transcends mere material offerings; it is a journey into the sacred, a testament to the enduring bond of marriage. Presenting a symphony of tradition and modernity, this White Bridal Wedding Gift Set is a unique expression of love and faith.

Gift a piece of sacred tradition to your loved ones, encapsulating the beauty of a blessed union. Elevate the bridal experience with our meticulously crafted Alf Mabruk Bridal Gift Box from Zayoshe, an exquisite tribute to the sacred journey of matrimony in the heart of Saudi Arabia.

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Dimensions 113 × 69 cm